Who We Are

P1 Autocare is a brand conceived and created without compromise. Unrivalled market expertise has enabled products to be created and sourced that afford you the confidence of buying the best available.

P1 Autocare’s on-going product development program ensures the latest items and technologies. This is coupled with incomparable experience in automotive duty of care guaranteeing peace of mind in road travel.

As an environmentally conscious brand, our work does not end with designing recyclable packaging but extends to ground-breaking products such as Screenwash Pods that eradicate the need for historic single-use bottles.

P1 Autocare is the brand to trust for automotive solutions.

P1 Autocare is the only solution for full category and space management.

P1 Autocare has been developed with over 26 years of experience to shape the automotive accessory market.

Offering a wide range of industry-leading products in beautiful retail-ready packaging within six categories. Each item has been researched, designed and tested to deliver a brand of the highest standard in a consistent, sleek design. The complete category-management solution.

Cutting-edge consumer marketing is available through P1 Autocare “apps” that offer the ultimate consumer journey with bespoke products. Coupled with an established logistics network, in P1 Autocare you have the strongest partner.

Extensive market knowledge, manufacturing expertise and sourcing strengths afford the opportunity of having industry leading products.

Branding and packaging have been developed without compromise. Guided by in-store impact and consumer appeal, P1 products are unrivalled.

An environmentally conscious brand, P1’s recyclable storage pouches and boxes minimise carbon footprint and make a strong statement in sustainability. These are coupled with game-changing solutions such as Screenwash Pods that eradicate the need for historic single-use bottles.

P1 Autocare ranges include seasonal high-volume products and retail solutions. Point-of-sale options are available to manage year round promotional activities and maximise ‘return on investment’. These include fixed display merchandising, CDUs, FSDUs, clipstrips and pallet displays that can also be used in outside areas.